Diet Tip #9: Be Physically Active!

28 Feb

This one probably seems obvious. Everyone knows you need to exercise, but most people don’t like to do it. So…. change your attitude about it! Some people use exercise to punish themselves for eating the wrong thing or to justify eating more. This leads to a negative association with exercise. Instead, do things that will make you enjoy exercise. Go skiing, ice skating, rollerblading, or even just on a brisk walk with a friend. Exercise isn’t just going on an exhausting run or lifting weights.

Also, focus on how great you feel, how much better you sleep at night and how much more energy you have when you exercise. Physical activity is good for you whether you are trying to lose weight or not, so keep it positive and build a lifelong habit.

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Posted by on February 28, 2011 in Tips


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One response to “Diet Tip #9: Be Physically Active!

  1. TestingTrueChange

    March 1, 2011 at 1:40 am

    Good tip, I’ve found the results of exercise to be very beneficial for me!


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