Tip #22: Ditch the Clean Plate Club

28 Oct

My parents were big on the whole “clean your plate” thing. I heard it all, there were starving children in India/Africa/China/Italy (depending on what our dinner was) who would love to have the food on my plate. No dessert until you eat everything on your plate.  Leaving food on your plate is wasteful. While I agree that leaving uneaten food on your plate is wasteful, it is just as wasteful to eat food that your body doesn’t need. By consuming those extra calories, your body is storing fat, which can end up being more costly than price of the food you should have left on your plate. If you are still worried about not wasting food, box it up to eat later as leftovers, or dish yourself smaller portions if you are eating at home.

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One response to “Tip #22: Ditch the Clean Plate Club

  1. liztharper

    November 5, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    No, no, no no . . . . . When we told you to “clean your plate,” we were encouraging you to take your turn at washing the dishes. You must have just made up the part about no dessert and starving children around the world. As I recall, you and your gigantic brothers were the starving children. Nevertheless, this is good advice and I sure hope you have the opportunity to practice parenting (getting children to eat anything other than white food) and put this good advice to work for the next generation.


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